Welcome to Deen Love World!

We design and produce Islamic educational resources to help parents nurture deen loving childrenšŸ’–Ā !

Our Islamic resources include: How to Observe Solah charts, How to Perform Wudhu charts, Arabic Letters and Numerals flash cards, Adhkaar sticker cards, Islamic Nursery Rhymes, Awesome Ramadan Journal, Solah sequence cards, Islamic colouring books and lots more.

You can buy here on our website or check an Islamic books/toys store near you! If you you don’t find our products there, ask them to contact us so we can have more Islamic resources available for muslim children around the world.

Our sister brands are Deen Love Gifts where you can buy customisable frames and Deen Love Weddings where you can order your wedding stationery.


To help you nurture deen-loving children