Amatullah’s Special Morning


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It was no ordinary morning. It was a special morning. Five year old Amatullah had her mind made up to pray Fajr Salaah for the first time! She wanted Allaah to be so pleased with her. And my oh my how determined she was.

Readers will enjoy following Amatullah as she goes about her special morning. From finally getting to pray her Fajr Salaah to learning Islamic adab (manners) and adhkaar (remembrance of Allaah) along the way!

This book is a fun way to introduce children to praying Fajr salaah, saying adhkaars and learning the typical morning routine of a Muslim child.

Here are 4 major benefits of reading Amatullah’s Special Morning:

? Children learn love of salaah

? Children learn to model Amatullah’s love to please Allaah سبحانه و تعالى

? Children learn to say their daily adhkaars, which as parents we know are very important.

? Children learn to imbibe a Muslim child’s morning routine. Wouldn’t it be great to stop the morning struggle to get them ready for school? This book comes in handy in this regard!


Book size: 9 by 9 inches (approx)




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