My Body Safety Book for Muslim Kids

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My Body Safety Book for Muslim kids

Every child deserves to grow safe and secure.

My Body Safety Book is an important book for empowering Muslim kids against sexual abuse through their
precious growing years. Recommended for children 12 years and below.

Here are five major benefits of reading My Body Safety Book:

1. Children learn who sexual predators are and their characteristics so that they can identify them and avoid sexual abuse.

2. Children learn the 6 body safety alarms so that whenever they experience any of the alarms they know they are about to be sexually abused and can take proactive action to avoid abuse.

3. Children learn the 3 body safety tools so that they know exactly what to do to avoid sexual abuse.

4. Children practice the knowledge and skills from the book through learning exercises so that they can internalise these skills to avoid sexual abuse.

5. Children learn the Islamic concepts of amanah, awrah, non-mahram and hijab so that they understand that their body should be kept safe in order for them to grow happy, healthy and strong.

My Body Safety Book is one of the best gifts to gift children. A gift of empowerment to keep their body safe.


Size: 7 by 9.5 inches (approx)



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