Recite and Rise Board Game


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Introducing Recite and Rise Board Game, the Quran Fluency Board Game that helps children and adult learn to read the Book of Allaah (subhanahu wata ‘ala) in a fun way!
Players’ recitation proficiency improves with less work and more fun, Fun, FUN!
Features 7 Game Levels of increasing difficulty:
* Level 1: Arabic letters
* Level 2: short vowels, letters in beginning, middle and end formations
* Level 3: letters with tanwin
* Level 4: 2 letter words with sukun and shaddah
* Level 5: 3 letter words
* Level 6: 4 letter words
* Level 7: 5 and 6 letter words.
❇300 player cards with Arabic text at the front and transliteration at the back.
❇ Game board
❇ 4 player chips
❇ Rules sheet
Recite and Rise Board Game is an efficient tool in helping muslims especially kids take control of their learning the Quran inshaa Allaah.


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